Adee's NHS gift for heroes

Adee's NHS gift for heroes

Adee Phelan celebrity hairdresser and stylist started something very special just a few weeks ago during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Adee went online and gave away free social media seminars to help the people asking for tips and tricks, how to maintain, simple cuts and more. The response was phenomenal, but he thought there must be more the hairdressing and the barber industry can do... this is where the idea for 'Adee's NHS gift for heroes' came about. Adee started to use his brand SKNHEAD London, using £7,000 worth of products to send out to NHS workers as a gift for their incredible work during this tough time. 

Adee then reached out to all of his contacts in the industry so they can club together and issue beautiful gift boxes to the hard working people of the NHS - loaded full of hair products, tools and more. Adee has been getting packages of hair products sent to himself in boxes from the best hairdressers in the world and he thanks you all so much for that - keep them coming. The first batch of gift boxes have now been picked up and couriered off to hospitals in London.

The success has been so huge that Adee is running out of products and gift boxes to send to the NHS staff, so he is now asking friends, celebrity mates, influencers and the public to help with this! "I want to keep the positive vibes going and reach as many nurses and doctors in our hospitals as possible!"

I have never asked for this kind of thing before but it would mean a hell of a lot to a huge amount of people.

Many thanks

Adee Phelan 

If you would like to donate to this great cause please follow the link below.