Original Artwork

Benefits of Owning Original Art   

 If you are lucky enough to own a piece of original art, there is no doubt that one of  the greatest benefits is the feelings that it gives you. Happiness is one of the most obvious sentiments that your hanging art or sculpture will provide and it is this that often gives people the most pleasure. We all like to feel good! The feelings of well-being can start before the final act of buying art. The excitement of searching for and deciding upon your chosen oil painting or sculpted piece of art can be huge. Of course it is often greatest with the first piece of original art that you by, but for many people this doesn’t lessen, no matter how many times they buy art. Collecting art can become a very pleasant addiction for some.

Mr Sly’s original artworks are made from various mixed media materials. These include different types of wood, vinyl, metals and canvas paintings all hand finished by Mr Sly. View our range of pop art / urban art today. 

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