Mr. Sly is a British artist known for his mixed media collages and contemporary interpretations of 20th Century pop culture. His bold, graphic images have become his unique trademark. With a background in photo restoring and graphic design, Mr. Sly meticulously blends these talents in his artwork. Producing both limited edition prints and original pieces, his work is showcased in galleries across the U.K. and U.S.A., and his paste-ups are a vibrant part of the street art scene in many cities.

Born in Liverpool, England, Mr. Sly's artistic journey was shaped by extensive travels and a diverse career. After studying art, he joined the British Army, serving for 16 years and transporting tanks and heavy equipment across Europe, including a tour in Afghanistan in 2012. This experience reignited his passion for art, leading to his full-time artistic career.

Inspired by the iconic t-shirts of 1980s band Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Mr. Sly's artwork has gained international collectors. His work is featured on platforms such as Saatchi Art and Artsy, and he has collaborated with clients including Chelsea Football Club, L’Oreal, and VANS. His celebrity clientele includes Paris Hilton, Savannah Marshall, Meatball Molly McCann, and former heavyweight champion David Haye.

Mr. Sly has also worked with major art publishers in the U.K. and America. He is currently opening his own art gallery, Studio Sly, a dynamic space for showcasing his portfolio and supporting emerging artists. Studio Sly aims to be a vibrant hub for the artistic community, reflecting Mr. Sly's commitment to creativity and artistic expression.